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My Goals for the Next 4 Years as Your Councilman

  1. Make certain that Troy is prepared and solvent in the event that further revenue sharing cuts come from the state or the fed
  2. Rational development: Respect residents' property rights. Encourage business development, but make certain that residents are not subjected to property deterioration or added traffic problems.
  3. Keep property values high. Maintain the integrity of the neighborhoods
  4. Encourage careful development: Create a climate for business growth, but make certain that residents are not subjected to either property deterioration or added traffic problems. Protect the integrity of our park lands by working to keep commercial development off the Civic Center site and striving for the orderly and timely implementation of the Civic Center Priority Task Force's plan.
  5. Enhance recreational opportunities. Continue to push for the protection and preservation of city-owned properties in lieu of sub-market priced land sales.
  6. Keep essential services intact, while continuing to cut unnecessary expenses.
  7. Continue to solve resident problems as they are brought to my attention.
  8. Make certain that the council does not return to an attitude of contempt or impatience with our residents.
  9. Make certain that all council decisions are made within the light of public scrutiny.
  10. Make certain that our public safety departments are prepared to protect our citizens in the event of attack or disaster.
  11. Be ever mindful that every dollar the council spends came from the wallets of our residents. The ability to spend taxpayer dollars is a public trust, to be treated seriously at all times. Our residents are not a bottomless well from which more and more money can be extracted.
  12. Provide the citizens with more tax cuts, if there is any way that I can.

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