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Martin Howrylak
to the Troy City Council

Dear Neighbor,

I have enjoyed serving as your councilman for more than six years. In that time, we have accomplished much, including:

1. Reduced the property tax rate three times (2002, 2006 and 2007).

2. Stopped the unwanted I-75/Long Lake Road interchange project dead in its tracks.

3. Eliminated the city council pension plan that would have paid retired councilmen as much as ten times their council salary in retirement compensation (each year).

4. Stopped the subsidized commercialization of the Civic Center park lands (Convention Center and professional baseball park plans).

5. Initiation of fiscal restraint in municipal budgets.

6. Live and repeated broadcast of city council meetings on cable TV.

7. Acquisition of park lands across the City.

The tide of your government has gradually changed during my time on council. It is more responsive to the needs of the residents and property owners and less interested in lecturing you about what you need. I have fought to preserve your right to fair, honest and open government, and I am proud to serve as your city councilman. You are always welcome at our meetings and your voice will always be heard.

Government does not have a right to your money. The taxes assessed by your city must be based on a proven need. Each and every city official should look at the budget, not as money that magically appears each year, but rather as money provided by over 80,000 people for the common good. With that approach, we can work on reducing your tax rates. That approach will protect your property rights and provide you with fair, honest and open government that is accountable to all.

Please feel free to contact me regarding my campaign. You can reach me via email at or phone at (248) 643-6653. It has been a privilege serving you and it would be an honor to serve as your city councilman for another four years.


Martin Howrylak

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